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Upgrade/Add-On, Add a Gold Glitter Vinyl Heart to the Rear of Any Onesie In Your Order, Gold Glitter Heart, Onesie Butt Heart

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$ 2
*This listing is an UPGRADE only and is not a stand alone item. It must be purchased with a separate onesie from our shop*

Add an adorable gold glitter heart to the rear/bum/butt of any onesie in your current order from us. This little heart upgrade is so stinking cute and dresses up our onesie designs. Made of true gold glitter vinyl, not simply ink printed to imitate glitter but actual glitter. Very high quality and guaranteed to glitz up and add an element of surprise to any of our onesies.

If you would like to order more than one onesie with a heart upgrade, simply change the quantity of heart upgrade/add-ons to match the number of onesies you would like ordered.

As a default, we will add the glitter hearts to the right side of the bum on the back of the onesies, if you would prefer it in another location, please let us know in the "notes to seller" section at the checkout screen.


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Materials: gold glitter vinyl

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